Crockham Hill Village Show


Sailing around the world

To celebrate 400 years since Pilgrim Fathers set sail,

500 years since Magellan sailed round South America

200 years since launch of ‘HMS Beagle’


Produce, cookery, arts and crafts

Something for all the family to do



 Saturday 12th September 2020

Open to the public from 2.00 to 4.00pm

Awards at 4.00pm


Tea and raffle


The show is open to anyone associated with the various organisations in Crockham Hill, their children and grandchildren, including the schools and church


All exhibits to be staged between 8.30am and 10.30am, when exhibitors must leave.  Judging will commence at 10.45am.

All exhibits to be removed 4.00 – 4.30pm.

Only one entry per person in each class.  Entry fee 50p per class for first 10 classes then free.  Payable on the day

Entry forms to be received by noon on Friday 11th Sept in the boxes in the Royal Oak, the church, the school entrance  or at The Warren. 

Late entries on Saturday not permitted


PRIZES    All classes will be awarded  1st,  2nd and 3rd certificates

Trophies will be awarded to the exhibitor with most points in Classes 1-7, 8-12, 18-27, 28-31, 32-40, 41-46, and to the  child with the most points in the two age groups


Atlantic Trophy  for the most points in Show.


Disclaimer - The organisers are not responsible for loss or damage to any entry


Sponsored by Crockham Hill WI 





To be displayed on a white paper plate unless otherwise stated


Class 1         Potatoes – 5 of any one variety

Class 2        Onions – 5 of any one variety (tops tied over                           with raffia or green twine)

Class 3        Cherry Tomatoes – 5 of any one variety, with calyx

Class 4        Tomatoes  – 5 of any one other variety, with calyx

Class 5        3 Courgettes

Class 6        5 Runner Beans

Class 7        A matching pair of any other vegetable






To be displayed on a white paper plate with stalks intact unless otherwise stated


Class 8        Apples: dessert – 3 of any one variety

Class 9        Apples: cooking – 3 of any one variety

Class 10      3 pears

Class 11      Raspberries – 10 of any one variety   

Class 12      Arrangement of a collection of any other 3                            different fruits/nuts on any plate



Guidance note:  Collections should contain at least three of each fruit/veg – more if they are small.  In all classes, aim for uniformity of size.



There is no overall award for this section but points will count towards each person’s  final total


Class 13      Longest runner bean

Class 14      Heaviest marrow/squash

Class 15      Largest sunflower head

Class 16      An ‘alien’ mis-shapen vegetable

Class 17      The most scented rose


FLOWERS – display vases provided


Class  18      3 stems of one variety and colour of dahlia

Class 19      5 different coloured dahlias

Class 20      5 different hips, haws or berries

Class 21      3 heads of hydrangea

Class 22      1 stem of 5 different varieties of perennial    `                    flowers (excluding dahlias and shrubs)

Class 23      One flowering pot plant – not exceeding 7” pot         Class 24      One foliage pot plant – not exceeding 7” pot

Class 25      Collection of 5 different herbs in a jam jar

Class 26      1 stem each of 3 different fuchsia

Class 27      1 stem each of 3 different roses





Class 28      An arrangement of flowers from the garden in a boat shaped container or gravy boat max 35cms x 35cms, any height

Class 29      An arrangement in the shape of a sail max 50 x 50cms, any height.

Class 30      A ‘Seascape’ arrangement of blue and green flowers.  Accessories may be used  max 40cms x 40 cms

Class 31      A handtied posy for a loved one.




To be displayed on a cake board or white paper plate.  Covers for cooked items will be provided


Class 32      Orange cake – any shape

Class 33      7” round cake decorated to look like a ship’s                             compass – decoration only to be judged

Class  34      6 cheese straws 10cms long

Class 35      MEN ONLY – 8 Coconut rum cookies   – see recipe

Class 36      6 colourful pin wheel biscuits – any recipe

Class 37      8 pieces flapjack 4cmsx4cmsx4cms

Class  38      454g jar stone fruit jam

Class  39      454g jar marmalade

Class  40      454g jar chutney





Class 41      7”x5” photograph of a boat/boats with date and place taken

Class 42      Piece of crazy patchwork min 30 x 30 cms

Class 43      A handmade article in any medium of your choice         

Class 44      A painting in any medium ‘Seascape’; ready for hanging

Class 45      A sea shanty to fit the tune of ‘Bobby Shafto’

Class 46      A collage  A4  ‘ Mayflower leaving Plymouth’ using recycled materials

Children may enter any of the classes above but the class below is for children only.  If they enter the adult classes their entries will be flagged to show which age group they are in.




Will be judged in 2 age groups – under 7 and 8-14


Class47       Draw or make a pirate flag


Recipe for Coconut Rum Cookies

284g  (10oz) butter, room temperature, 4 tablespoons Coconut Rum or other alcohol, 227g (8oz) white sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 738g (1lb 10oz)  flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt,1 egg, 1 x 7 oz. bag sweetened coconut, 1 x 12 oz. bag chocolate drops

  1. Cream the butter and sugar together

  2. Add vanilla and 2 tablespoons of the rum, then beat together for 2-3 minutes.

  3. In a separate bowl, mix the flour and salt together then add to the butter and sugar a little at a time until all the flour is incorporated.

  4. Cover the cookie dough with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

  5. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

  6. Make an egg wash by beating the egg with the remaining 2 tablespoons of rum.

  7. Scoop the dough into balls using a 1 1/2 tablespoon scoop, dip into the egg wash and roll in the coconut.

  8. Place the cookies on a baking sheet that’s been sprayed with cooking spray and bake for 20-25 minutes until slightly browned on the edges.

  9. While the cookies are still warm, press one chocolate drop into the center of each cookie.